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Season passes for Bike Park access including Lift

 Prices are for the entire season - prices go up for each time period - thus the longer one waits to purchase, the more it costs.

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Price for Bike Park

if purchased

no later than Jun 30

Price for Bike Park

if purchased

after June 30


Price for YEAR ROUND

for 2020 BIKE PARK and

2020-2021 WINTER   

Child must be age 8 to ride the chairlift           
Junior 8 to 12 (summer) 6 to 12 (winter) $89 $119   $329  
Teen 13 to 18 $99 $149   $409   
College student ID required $99 $149   $409   
Adult 19 to 64 $99 $149   $459   
Senior 65 and over $89 $119   $329   
Family*   $369 $499   $1779  

(Sales tax will be added to the above prices.)

These prices are for the 2020 summer bike season.  The Year Round is for the 2020 summer bike season and 2020-2021 winter season.

Family pass is for immediate family members only - defined as up to 6 people related by blood, marriage, or law who are dependent family members of one family household.  Children must be under the age of 23.  In-laws, non-dependent children, non-dependent stepchildren, roommates, grandparents, and caregivers do not qualify.  Proof of dependency:  income tax returns.  $49 plus sales tax for each additional qualifying family member in excess of 6 people for the summer pass ($164 for the YEAR ROUND pass).


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