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Privacy Policy

Kelly Canyon Winter Park LLC shall not provide customer information to any third parties other than for purposes of processing of payment.

Acknowledgement and Acceptance of Risks and Liability Release

Warning: Skiing, snowboarding, biking, running and other activities during winter or summer seasons and the use of lifts can be hazardous with many inherent and other risks including INJURY and DEATH.  The user of any ticket or pass issued by Kelly Canyon Winter Park, LLC (also doing business as Kelly Canyon or Kelly Canyon Ski Resort) assumes all risks of personal injury, death and property damage.  In consideration of each and every ride on any lift device, I agree to HOLD HARMLESS, RELEASE, INDEMNIFY and PROMISE NOT TO SUE Kelly Canyon Winter Park, LLC (the "Resort") for claims and liabilities for personal injury, death, or property damage to myself or my minor child resulting in any way from participation in these activities, the use of lifts or other equipment, and the condition of the premises including any and all liability that results from the Resort's acts of NEGLIGENCE or any other person or cause including costs and attorney’s fees.  I agree that any claim that I may bring for myself or others against the Resort shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the State or Federal Courts of Idaho and none other and shall be governed by the laws of Idaho.  I agree that any use of any ticket or pass issued by the Resort for me or my minor child confirms absolutely my agreement to be bound by all of these terms and others posted, whether I obtained the ticket or pass myself, or it was provided to me by someone else.